ADI Part 2

Practical test: preparation and booking

Part 2 of the test to qualify as an approved driving instructor (ADI) is a practical test to show that your own driving is of a suitable standard. Book now with Pro Diving Instructor Training.

You must pass ADI part 1 before you can book the Part 2 test, and you should not book it until your instructor says you’re ready.

You’ll need to take your practical test within 2 years of passing your theory test – otherwise your theory test pass certificate will expire.

The practical driving test costs : for full details of the ADI test costs, visit GOV.UK.

Preparing for your practical test

Taking lessons with a driving instructor trainer should prepare you for your practical test. There is also a list of recommended resources on our Becoming an approved driving instructor page.

Booking your practical test

It’s best to book your test using the official site, GOV.UK. If you use an unofficial site, you might pay more than you need to or you may not get a booking at all.

You can find your nearest test centre at GOV.UK.

You can also use GOV.UK if you need to change the test date or centre or cancel your test.

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